A few months ago, I posted about Dora and the heartache I felt for her.  Well, click here for her COMPLETE story from Tom Goldner.  It is amazing and sad all at the same time.  This precious young girl has come from so much.  Her life has been so hard.  She finally has the opportunity to have the life of a child with our dear friends of City of Refuge Ministries.


However, they need your help.  We need your help.  We are raising the money for Dora’s “house”.  You can read more about that here.  A few weeks ago, we received an email from Stacy stating they can start building as soon as we are ready.  At that point, we had raised $8,330, but we needed $11,000 for the first phase of the house.  Remember we need $45,000 to complete the house!!!  As we prayed, it was evident to Sydney that we were to STEP OUT IN FAITH. Just do it.  Send the money and God would provide for these children that He loves more than we can even imagine.


The money was sent and the foundation is started.


As I look at these pictures, I see a completed house full of Dora, Mary and the other children that can be rescued as soon as the house is finished.  Please pray with us as God works out a miracle for His children. Pray servants’ hearts will be broken and led to give for these kids.  Lastly, pray for the hearts that are waiting to be rescued. They are so many and we need to move fast.


We are also having a Benefit Dinner Friday, September 23.  If you are interested in attending, please contact us.  And if you live outside of Knoxville, you are still welcome. We have a “friend” we have never met driving from Louisville, KY just to see God’s heart.

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