Day 8

Today was hopping for the team. Busy, busy!!  They finished the Scripture on the wall at GMI-Ghana,



headed over to the Fern House to love on some babies and deliver their formula and food.  BTW, they adored Auntie Comfort!!

Then a quick stop at Love a Lot Children’s Home to deliver food and on to visit Eunice and her triplets.  We were blessed to meet Eunice and her family 11 months ago.  I remember that day so vividly.  We walked with John Nyavor and some of his children 20 minutes to visit them.

As we walked more and more children started to follow us.  I kept thinking we did not have enough “goodies” to give everyone.  And we didn’t….but not one child complained or whined or stomped their foot or anything.  They just turned away and my heart was broken for them. My heart was broken for what they were lacking, but also strengthened by the pure joy they displayed.  The joy on Eunice’s face that day made me smile.  When she looked at us and thanked us over and over, I knew this was what it is all about. This is what God has called us to….caring for the orphans and widows in their distress.  Caring for the least of these.  Caring for God’s children.

Sydney and the youngest triplet September 2010


Eunice and Kristie September 2010

So today the FTO team had the opportunity to deliver some VitaliJR donated by a sweet friend along with food to her triplets and bestow HIS love on them.  They told them they are important and JESUS loves them.

And we just recently added the triplets to our sponsorship program.  If you are interested in becoming their sponsor click here.


Lastly, they stopped at AOH.  So many of you have stepped up recently to sponsor the children in this home and we are forever thankful for what you mean to these precious children!!  The time was short, but they played with the kids and delivered lots of goodies for them. Thanks to everyone for donating!


Pray for the team tomorrow as they travel to Chorkor to do a community outreach. They will be feeding the children at a school and doing what God lays in front of them.  Continue to pray for unity, strength, endurance, safety, health and for them to be HIS LIGHT in Ghana.  May their lives be forever changed by the wonderful people they will encounter.


Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.  Be strong and courageous.  Joshua 10:25

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