Day 5 and 6

Yesterday the team got up EARLY traveling to Cape Coast to visit a new orphanage to FEEDING THE ORPHANS.  They went to love on the kids and assess the needs to see how we can help.  Afterwards they traveled to the Elmina Slave Castle for a sightseeing afternoon.  Many of them were overcome with emotion.  The combination of the orphanage and the history of the slave trade was too much to bear.  They enjoyed a night at the ocean, BUT it was FREEZING!!  What is freezing in Ghana?  Wind chill of 65 degrees.   You gotta admit, when you live on the equator that is COLD!!


Saturday morning they traveled to Kakum National Forest and overcame their fear of the canopy bridges.  Kathryn posted on FB, “Best part of my day today…seeing John walk on his knees above the rain forest canopy on a rope bridge, pleading with God to allow him to see his kids one more time. For once, I wasn’t the scared one! God is good…we all survived. : )”  I can just see him now!


The team will travel to GMI-Ghana to worship with them in the morning. They are looking forward to a day spent with the children there and then back to their mission house for an afternoon of rest before they kick off another full week of loving on the children of Ghana.  Please continue to cover them in prayer.  Pray for strength, endurance, boldness for the LOVE OF JESUS, health, unity and anything else the Holy Spirit lays before you.


Enjoy a few pics they just sent!!!


Kathryn and Josh loving on babies at City of Refuge


Fun times!!!


Food for 600 kids


Tyler having a blast at City of Refuge


FTO team traveling to Cape Coast


Youngest team members


Paige preparing meals for Tema New Town


John at Cape Coast


Mark (team leader) on the canopy bridge








  1. Anna Sams says:

    Sounds like an amazing experience! Continuing prayers for the team! Love the post <3

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