Day 3 and Water for Life

The team just finished up their third day in Ghana.  It is amazing how quickly the time is going by already!  They had another incredible day as they traveled to a nearby fishing village. There they served 600 children a meal, played with the kids and loved them completely.  No pictures today, but maybe tomorrow.


They will travel to GMI-Ghana in the morning to visit the children living there.  Please pray as they travel and that the Lord would guide each step for them.


On another note, just recently we learned of an orphanage that needed a poly tank for water.  God provided the money to purchase these beautiful children a tank within hours.  He continuously amazes us!  He loves these children so immensely and He is waiting to pour His blessings upon them!!!  So with great joy yesterday, we opened an email to see this


and this


which means this


These children are so excited about their CLEAN water. We are thankful and grateful to each person that contributed through donations or prayer.  None of this is possible without you!!  So tonight we are praising God that more of His children will have WATER FOR LIFE.


Matthew 25:35 – When I was thirsty, you gave me a drink.



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