Right now, a team of 9 people are flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

(Josh and Kathryn were meeting them in Atlanta.)

They are GOing to Ghana to love on children.  They are GOing to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to each person they come into contact with. They are GOing to serve the people of Ghana.  They are GOing to be His hands and feet.


You see, this all started with a prayer.  A prayer five years ago for a little sister.  Three years later, Righ and I surrendered to God’s calling and started the adoption process.  Through the prayers of our oldest daughter, God blessed us with two children, Samuel and Helen. As we waited, the only picture we had of Helen was this.

She was hungry.  And little.


This picture broke Sydney’s heart even more.  She had a heart to help the orphans before, the burden God had placed on her heart.  After this, though, He gave her a plan. He gave her a vision. Provide food, water and medicine to the orphans of Ghana.  Raise $500 to do just that.  So she did, but HE provided more.  Only HIM.


Eleven months ago we flew as a family to meet our two newest additions.  We became a family of 7 on the same continent.   And during the next 11 days, we tried to do just what God asked of us each day.  We visited orphanages, fed street children, held kids in our arms and whispered, “Jesus loves you” to them over and over and over.  And FEEDING THE ORPHANS grew.  Because of HIM.


Months later and it continued to grow and the passion grew around us. A dear friend of ours decided he wanted to GO to Ghana and a mission team was born.  God has paved the way for this team.  And now they will land in Ghana tomorrow morning at 7:10 EST.  They will spend 12 days on the ground and visit 7 different orphanages, do an outreach to 2 fishing villages, feed a mass of 600 children, feed a school of 120 kids, and on and on.  Oh, they are going to have fun and they are going to come back changed!!!  Most importantly, though, they are going to spread the love of JESUS.  Where will these kids be without Jesus?  Nowhere.  We can feed them, but at the end of the day we also need to make sure of our true purpose. And that is to tell them of our Risen Savior. To tell them about Jesus.  And to love them like He would.

So will you join us in prayer over the next 2 weeks for the team on the ground? Pray for their safety, for the children and people they will be in contact with.  Pray for them to be a light for JESUS CHRIST.  Pray for whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart.


We stand in awe and amazement of our KING. The KING OF KINGS and His unending love.  All of this is for HIM and because of HIM.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. – John 15:5

All for HIM and for HIS GLORY,

The O’Learys



And if you want to GO with Feeding the Orphans to Ghana, contact us here. There is another team scheduled in November and several next year.    Be on the lookout for a trip to India, too, in 2012.  Blessings to each of you as we walk this journey together!!!

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