Our chiropractor works in India to spread the word of Jesus.  He is going to have to let go of the orphan care they are doing.  So he asked us if we would pray about working with the orphans in India.  So we started praying and my mom heard God say, “The orphans in India are the same as the ones in Africa”.  Last night I was praying about working in India and right after i said amen God said “YES”.   I said, “ok I promise we will.”  I told my Mom and she started crying and asked, “Really?”  I said, “yes really”.  Then she asked, “Did God say anything else?”  I said, “No, He just said YES we need to work in India.” So we are going to be working in India!    Please pray for the work God wants to be done in India.  


  1. A. Leilani says:

    my cousin is a missionary in India and he works with some orphans. His name is Aaron Hanson. He is on Face Book. please pray about maybe working with him and his wife. thank you 🙂

  2. Amen.

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