There is an orphanage in Ghana and they don’t have enough money for food.  The kids are fighting over scraps of food!   We need to find sponsors for 18 kids.  Will YOU help us get these kids some food???  All we’re asking of YOU is to pray about being a child’s food sponsor.  Will YOU just pray about it?  That’s all we’re asking.  Do what God tells YOU to do.  If  YOU don’t feel led to sponsor a child spread the word about these kids.  These kids are experiencing hunger, they just want some food.  When people in America are hungry they walk into their pantry and get something to eat.  When kids in Africa are hungry they go looking and asking for food.  They may not eat  for days and if they’re lucky they may get something very small to eat.  Please pray about being a food sponsor!



  1. we see it everyday.starvation,hunger hopelessness in the eyes of children that are struggling to live struggling to die.waiting for the next piece of bread to touch their mouths.what is america doing? turning their backs because they only care about themselves.I feel for these children and the children at our orphanege,but I can only pray and ask God to give them a meal something to keep them alive.I cant feed and clothe the whole world of people,but god can.oh my Lord,please feed the children of the world.My heart is heavy,and my mind wishes there was more I could do,so I just pray and believe god for a miracle.Orphan children of the world,Im praying for you.reach out to Jesus christ,and believe him and he will supply every need.He fed 5000 people.He had manna from heaven and it came down and many were fed.My god My god,please help us all..!!!

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