A "Safe House"

With your help, Feeding the Orphans has been able to help three orphanages raise their rent money and keep their homes.  APPROXIMATELY 110 CHILDREN!  Amazing!  Thank you for praying, donating money and reaching out to these precious children.


Well, we need your help again. This time it is a little different.  You see, God always has a greater plan and purpose.  Meeting Johnbull and Stacy of City of Refuge is living proof of that.  If you have not read the story of how we met them, then click here.  God continues to astound me! Through that meeting in the mall, He has joined our hearts for the children of Ghana. He has formed a partnership that will never be broken in His Name.  We will stand together and fight for the kids, AND FIGHT HARD!


City of Refuge rescues children that are fishing slaves on Lake Volta.  Can you imagine being a slave?  At the young age of 5?  Can you imagine sleeping in a canoe every night? Diving for fishing nets at the bottom of the lake and maybe never coming back up to the surface? Can you imagine being hungry, sick, scared every day of your life?

This is the life of so many children. Children that long for a different life. And City of Refuge is fighting for these children.

Through our feeding programs and other organizations, Johnbull and Stacy travel to the Volta region to feed and deworm the villages. Why? To develop relationships with the slave masters and chiefs so they can convince them slavery is wrong. To teach them the love of Jesus and this way of life is UNACCEPTABLE in God’s eyes!!


Where do you fit in?  We need to build a SAFE HOUSE.  A home for these children that need to be rescued.  A house where they will finally be safe!

Right now, we need $45,000 for the whole house. Does that seem like a lot? Yes, but not to our God!  For the first phase we need $11,000.  We are challenging each of you to donate $10 to save these children, to join us as we raise awareness, and to help raise the money needed.

As I woke this morning, this email was in my box.  It is from my dear friend, Stacy who is living life with these precious children.

Everyday there is a new story.  A new face.  A new heart ache.

I try to keep my head up and focus on what is here before us…the Children’s Village, Feeding Programs, Project and Crusades…

Today my heart is breaking.  Breaking for Ghana’s children.  How do they eat? Where do they sleep?  I pray they make it through their childhood…only God knows their future.

I wonder…is there hope?  I realize that there is hope for the one, the one that we reach today. The one that is rescued.  The one that doesn’t have to worry about being sold because their mom now has a job.  The one that is fed and given education.

I just got word about three little girls…Happy, Suzannah, and Dora.

All of these girls are orphaned and living with their grandmothers.  I am praying for Dora especially.  I fear that if we do not help her, she may have no hope.  Happy’s grandmother told Joseph that she is considering selling Happy to a fisherman….Oh Jesus, if this happens will we ever find her?  Suzannah may be the best off of the three..we will have to investigate this case further.

As I read this, the tears came.  Tears for three little girls that need me, us, all of you to say ENOUGH.  Some of you will say, “BUT THERE ARE SO MANY”.  True, but what difference can you make for just one?  What can you do for just one child living in slavery? With your help, these three girls and 17 other children can have a SAFE HOUSE.  They can have a family and learn about the incredible love of Jesus every day.  They can be rescued from this


Are you wondering what difference you can really make?  Meet DK…we met him last August when we traveled to Ghana.

He had been rescued a few months before we came. This is DK now.

The difference is amazing!  I almost didn’t recognize him.

So as you go through your day today, please pray for Dora, Happy and Suzannah.  Pray about how you can help them and the other children who so desperately need Jesus.  Tell others about them and join us as we pray for God’s people to have their hearts broken.  Pray as we fundraise for these children to have a SAFE HOUSE.

If you want to make a donation, click here.  If you need fundraising ideas, contact us.

Lastly, this documentary is 13 minutes long and definitely worth your time.  Take yourself into their lives.  Click here to watch and be changed!


The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. – Matthew 25:40



  1. I hope my small donation of $20.00 will help in some way. I have had a tragedy in my life…lost my husband of 38 years…I have just started donating my time and I want to start paying it forward. I have bought 2 necklaces from 31 bits and so love what they stand for.

    xoxoxoxoDebbie Rock

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