Our story

You have read Emily’s story of GOING.  She shared with you her heart and her desire to be in AFRICA here.  It truly is amazing!
This is our story.
A few months ago, a friend at church asked me to bring her a Ghanaian purse to church.  Each purchase feeds a child in Ghana and she wanted to help (and have a cute bag!).  We took several to choose from and as she was looking through them, she started talking about her sister that had a burning desire from the Lord to be in Africa.
Her name?  EMILY!
One problem…no contacts.  As I listened to my friend talk about Emily, I had tears in my eyes.  Only days before we had been praying for God to send someone to “BE” in Ghana, on the ground, helping FTO take care of the precious children.
My friend left church and passed our info to Emily.  I spent an hour on the phone with her later that week and the rest is HIStory.  There was an instant connection.  She loves Jesus with all of her heart, soul and mind.  She is living proof God continues to write an amazing story for each of our lives if we will just wait and listen.  Be still and know.  Know that He is God.  Know that He is leading.
He is leading Feeding the Orphans, paving the way.  Leading Emily as she loves on the children of Ghana, as she is His hands and feet to so many people.  Join us on this journey as we love the fatherless, reach out to the widows, and rely upon Jesus for each step.
In Emily’s first week, she has participated in the feeding program in the Volta region,
she has loved on the children of GMI – Ghana (CKO) day in and day out,
delivered formula to sponsored babies,
food to sponsored orphans,
and given encouragement to the adults fighting for these children each day.
She has loved on a teenage girl that is so dear to our hearts.
She has shown her she is WORTHY.  Worthy of our King, a daughter of His.
Please pray with us each day for Emily and the orphans of Ghana, the orphans around the world, for them to all know JESUS LOVES THEM and they have HOPE.

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