And God said GO…..

God continues to amaze us each and every day.  This ministry started with a little girl praying for a sister.  God is growing it each day for His glory.  It is all for Him and our desires are to reach out for the children of the world.  This post is by a sweet, young woman God brought into our lives named Emily. She has said YES to the calling on her life, she said YES to loving on the fatherless, the forgotten.  Walk this journey as she lives among the orphans of Ghana.  Join us as we pray for Emily each day.  We are thankful she has said YES and thankful she is a part of our family now.

My name is Emily and this is my story… Years ago God began to burn in my heart a love for Africa and their people and a desire to go there. He also began to reveal my calling to me of rescuing children from the sex trade and he merged the two desires together. Back in August of 2010, God told me to begin an Africa fund in faith that soon I would go and to start raising the money for it. Although I had no contact, opportunity, or the specific place I was to go, I obeyed Jesus and opened an Africa savings account. Almost immediately by word of mouth, people began to give me money for Africa. It was so confirming to me and I could see God’s hand moving. I began to get frustrated after a while when every door I tried to walk thru, in regards to Africa, was shut in my face. I kept having March in my head and it was getting closer to March with no progress.
Then in January, my sister, Laura, called me and said she had to see me ASAP. She told me that a lady at her church, Kristie O’Leary, was selling purses from Africa and that she got one for me and even more spoke with Kristie about the organization her daughter started called Feeding the Orphans. Laura told me that the O’Leary family had been praying for someone willing to go spend extended time at this orphanage in Ghana and she told Kristie that I was looking for the opportunity to go. Immediately I felt a peace and I cried because I knew God was answering my prayers and my dreams. I spoke with Kristie and found out the there is even a group here in Ghana that works to rescue children from trafficking that I can work with as well. I said, “Wow, God! You are the craziest man I know!”
He is so faithful to give you the desires of your heart when you are willing to walk out the callings of God on your life. I am here in Ghana now. I did come in March and I am here until June.  God knows me and my heart best. This couldn’t be a more perfect fit. God has made my dreams and desires come true. I love these children so much already and they bless my heart everyday. They call me mommy and fall asleep in my lap. My heart breaks for them. They long to be held and have someone to just love on them. Holding their hands is some of our best days here. My heart is full of love for them.
I am so thankful for the O’Leary Family and thankful that Sydney is willing to listen to Jesus, obey and walk out God’s calling on her life of feeding orphans. It’s truly inspiring. I’m also thankful that my sister listened to the Holy Spirit and got me an African purse and I met the O’Learys in the process. God is the dream worker and He has worked out the dreams He put in my heart in the first place. He is faithful and He is good all of the time, in the good and the bad.


  1. Karen Rack says:

    We know Emily and are sooooooo excited for what God is doing for and through her! We know that she is being the hands, feet, and countenance of Jesus to these precious children. We love you, Emily!
    The Rack Pack

  2. Savannah Price says:

    Hey Emily,
    I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you for following your heart! God truly blesses the faithful!!! Thanks so much for being in my life!

  3. Thank you for going, sharing and loving in Jesus’ name. You are His hands and feet. Blessings to you!

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