I'd like to leave on a jet plane!

I want to be in Africa so bad!  I want to be in the african heat.  I want to be able to tell orphans they are special, God loves them and I love them.  I just want to be there.  The orphans need YOU to stand up and help them!  They need YOU to tell them about Jesus!  They need YOU to love them like Jesus.  But will YOU stand up and help them?   Will YOU  speak up for orphans who have no voice?  There are kids dying right now because they don’t have clean water, food, medicine.  We have everything can’t we give them something???   I want to leave on a jet plane but I know God wants me here right now.   Please stand up and help these orphans!





  1. Jeff Joyce says:

    Sounds like a calling to me. Why are you still here Sister?

  2. I would go if my Mom and Dad said I could. I am only 11.

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