Right now, our family is in Ghana spending two weeks “on mission.”  Our original reason for coming was to bring home our adopted son, but God has turned it into a family mission trip. Today we had the privilege of purchasing and delivering food to Christ Outreach for Feeding the Orphans.

Christ Outreach houses 30 children and provides schooling for many local children as well.

Auntie Rose operates the home with diligent care and love for the children.  The kids seemed very happy.  What surprised me the most was that every child I interviewed today could quote a unique Bible verse or passage.  Two girls recited passages from memory.  Each child had a different favorite verse.  God’s word is hidden in their hearts.  Their JOY was evident on their faces and could only come from the Lord.  This young girl below, Abigail Ntiful, told me she has no mother and she would love for someone to sponsor her.  This would make her very happy.  Abigail is ambitious hoping to be a doctor one day.

We delivered rice, oil, tomatoes, and corned beef.  The children were overjoyed.  If you wonder where your money is going, 100% of it is going to help the children.

After spending some time here, we learned that the home was without water.  All of the water here must be delivered and poured into the outdoor water tank.  The cost is approximately $30 (40 Ghana cedis) every two weeks.  Auntie Rose didn’t have the money for clean water for the children.  Kids were away from the home when we arrived because they were walking to fetch water.  Can you imagine?

Right now, some of the children are sponsored each month through Feeding the Orphans.  Many more precious children need support.  That’s why your help is so important.  These children have so very little.  So very little.

They wanted to share the following with you to thank you for your help.  Your love shows them the love of Jesus.

One sponsor sent a care package.  Junior was thrilled with his gifts of love.

Would you consider helping one of these children?

This post was written by our dear friends, the Beebes.  They are in Ghana right now picking up their son.  However, before they bring him home, they are being the hands and feet of Jesus for two weeks to the children of Ghana.  Please join us in prayer as they love His children.  Stay posted for updates.  They will be feeding the street children and visiting many other homes on this trip.  Thank you, Beebe family!


  1. I would love to go over and help these wonderful children with food etc. is there a program that offers me to do this?

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