A meeting at the mall

One of Sydney’s visions was to feed the street children when we traveled to Ghana the first time.  Her heart was so broken for the children that no one else loved or wanted to take care of.  Righ and I thought it was a great IDEA, but once we got in country, the practicality hit.  How in the world would we ever feed street children?  Where would we go?  Who would cook the food?  It just seemed like an impossibility to us.

We went to the Accra mall to buy groceries one afternoon.  That morning Sydney had asked for the HUNDREDTH TIME, “When are we going to feed the street kids, Dad?”  His answer was the same, “I have no idea, Sydney.  I just don’t think we can make it work.”  He was right, WE could not make it work, but…

in steps our God, as usual.  I just love it when He shows up!

As I walked out of the bathroom in the mall, Sydney was carrying Helen in front of me.  I heard, “Kristie?”  Remember I am in an African mall and we don’t know anyone, but yet someone is calling my name.  I said, “Yes?”

This sweet American woman who would soon become a dear friend to me said, “I knew it was you because I recognized Sydney as she walked out of the bathroom.”

I was amazed. Stacy had read of Sydney’s efforts on Facebook to feed the children of Ghana. As we stood there talking with her and her husband, Johnbull, God laid out a plan that only He could arrange.  This missionary couple had learned of Sydney’s heart to feed the street children.  They offered to do all the cooking.  They knew the perfect place.  We arranged to travel to their home on Friday to purchase the food and we would feed the kids on Saturday night.  Completely and totally amazing!

How do I describe feeding 550 children in less than 30 minutes?  Inspiring.

To look into this precious face was hard.

These beautiful children brought so much joy to us that night.  They dressed in their best to come see us.  We brought them food, but they brought us love.

Two months later we returned to Ghana to bring our kids home and we arranged to feed the children again.  This sea of faces was beyond overwhelming.  Picture 1,300 hungry children sitting in front of you.

Watching these children thank God for their food, to fold their hands in prayer to our King was humbling.

Feeding these children was life changing for us.

So Sydney’s original vision continues.  The children will be fed!

Johnbull and Stacy had the same vision and God introduced us.  Now they are setting up a program in the Volta region to feed these children consistently.  A huge part of this program will be providing deworming medicines for these children.  They will administer the meds every 3 months.  This is such a need in the fishing communities of Lake Volta.

How can you help?

For only $4/year, you can deworm a child.



Please consider donating to this project.  It is vital to the lives of so many children.  Click here to donate now and put LAKE VOLTA in the comments section.  Thank you for helping Stacy and Johnbull reach these children with the love of Christ.

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