Charity Kingdom Orphanage

What if all you wanted was a home?  A bed?  A place to be safe and a place where you always have enough to eat.

Meet some of the children of Charity Kingdom Orphanage.

They have become our family.  Part of our family in Ghana.

Here are Sydney’s “sisters”.

These children have a house.  Right now.  At the end of May, their rent is gone.  They will have nowhere, again.  And they know what it is like to have NOTHING.  Nowhere to lay their heads and nothing to eat.  We need to help them raise $10,000 for two years’ rent.  This seems like such a huge amount, but not for our God!

Matthew 19:26 – With God all things are possible.

We met John last summer.  None of us can remember how exactly we met, but we did.  God joined our hearts.  He gave these two some of the same visions.

Coincidence?  No, His perfect hand.

We have partnered with John.  Sydney worked hard last summer to find food sponsors for his 23 children. (Now he is Daddy to almost twice that many.)   He told her about a village that needed clean water.  That water well has been funded and we are waiting for it to be completed.  In that village, the chief gave John 10 acres.  The vision is to build a school, vocational technology center, medical clinic and a home for the orphaned children.

However, all of these things are in the future. Right now, we need to raise the money for John and Irene and their “children” to keep their house.  This is their home.  This is where the children know they are loved.  The kids have a large area to play soccer, a gate to protect them and even a playground.  Will you help them keep their house, a bed to sleep in, and protection?  Click here to donate to this project.  Please designate the funds for CKO.

Here are some of the faces of CKO:

Righ and Marvin





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    i am so happy for what u guys are doing.

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