Precious faces of Togo

Do you see this sweet face?

She lives in the Togo orphanage.  The one where we need to repair their new house.

A few months ago, a woman opened up her home.  A midwife with a  heart for these orphans.  A woman that is willing to sacrifice her time for these precious children.  They cannot continue living here, though.  First of all, she is delivering babies day in and day out, helping women who might not have help otherwise.  We need to get these children a house.  It has been found, but now we must raise the funds to complete it.  Click here for the updated total and pictures of the new house.

All funds will repair the house, purchase beds and mosquito nets for the children, and it will allow 12 MORE ORPHANS TO HAVE A HOUSE.  There are 12 other children who need to be cared for and this new house will have room for them.  Please help us help these children.

Here’s one of the boys

and here’s our American friend, Tanya, who is living in Togo and overseeing this project with John.

And this precious girl, well, she is Jacques’ older sister.

Please pray for her this week.  Her mother and father are both HIV+ and she just lost her baby brother. Can you imagine the pain and sadness she has felt in her 8 year old life already?  She needs to know Jesus loves her, that He adores her, will never leave her  and that His servants will stretch their hands out to HELP.

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