Will you help a hurting child?

There are children dying every second. YOU can do something, but will you?   Orphans need a mommy and daddy to love them, to tell them they are very special, to give them a loving family, to tell them about Jesus, to take them to church, to feed them, to comfort them when they are crying.  Will you help a hurting child?

Last night in the car me and my mom were talking and I said it’s not fair.  It’s not fair for the orphans to die while we have tons of food and medical supplies.  You can do something.  When you give orphans a juice box, when you tell them they are loved, when you give them a hug, when  you tell them about Jesus they will smile the biggest smile you have ever seen.

This little boy was so excited about his Fanta

This little boy loved his puppet

This little  girl loved her lollipop


  1. Robert Livingston says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart Sydney. God is using you and will use this blog post to get more people involved in caring for orphans. God bless you!

  2. Sydney –

    Your heart is breaking for what breaks God’s heart. Keep sharing. You motivate us all to “live out” what the Bible says.

    Love you!

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