God is holding baby Jacques

We first saw a picture of this precious baby months ago…John sent it to us to say he needed a food sponsor.  His mother had HIV and this little guy needed someone.  His mother was growing weaker and weaker.  I watched Sydney fall in love with this baby, pray for him (as so many of you have), and ask us to adopt him.

Today I was woken up by one of my littles. My hubby was off working early.  I checked my phone/email.  I had received an email from our friend in Togo who is working with John.  As I read these words I was so excited:

We traveled with John and Richard  yesterday to Kpalime to visit the beautiful children.  They were full of hugs and happy for our time. I do so love all of them!  I have taken several pictures, which I will email soon.  At the end of our visit John told Blandine and the children that the house will soon be worked on and that they will be able to move there.. they cheered and clapped with joy!

With the help of each of you, we are raising money for these beautiful children to have a house!  Click here for those details.  I could picture their little faces so excited.
Then I read these words:  When John arrived at my home Sunday morning, he came with sadness in his heart, for baby Jacques had fallen ill and died that morning.

Oh, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.  My heart cried out to God, cried out for Jacques’ mother, for John, for Sydney when she would wake.  I felt so helpless, powerless, and wishing we had been able to do more.  As I told Sydney this morning, she cried and said, “It’s just not fair, Mom.”  She went to the computer, found a ticket to Ghana on Delta and packed her bags.
However, through all of this, God is in control.  He is our loving Father.  He loves baby Jacques so much more than anyone on earth ever could.  And He is holding, cradling him this morning.  What a glorious reunion, a glorious celebration for that sweet baby to be held by His Heavenly Father.
What now?  We need your help to help these babies.  Pray with us to protect their health as their immune systems are weaker than the older kids.  Pray that his mother’s heart will be comforted and for John, too.  Help us spread the word for the Togo home.  Help us raise the funds for these children of God.  We are so thankful for each person God has placed in our paths, but WE NEED TO DO MORE!

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