Growing Crops, Growing Kids/New t-shirt

We are so excited to announce our newest project:  GROWING CROPS, GROWING KIDS!

Our dear friends at City of Refuge Outreach have donated land for us to grow our own food to feed the children.  There are so many exciting aspects to this new project.  More details will be coming soon!

For now, these are our new shirts.  All sales from these shirts will fund this project!!  Most of you have seen this shirt on the website, but we have not sold it until now.  And this is shirt is so perfect for this!  It is green (growing crops) and says exactly what the shirt will do!!!

And the back…

They come in women’s fitted and unisex short sleeves, as well as youth sizes.  So click on over HERE and get yourself one!!

And the story behind this shirt….this is Sydney’s second design. The original orange WHY SHOULD WE EAT LIKE KINGS AND QUEENS shirt was solely her idea.  We “helped” with the latest designs, but this one is her again.  As we were driving down the road one day (all good thoughts happen in the car!) we prayed for God to give her the design for the next shirt.  As we finished praying, she looked at me, “Mom, it should say I FED A HUNGRY CHILD.  The back should say WHEN I WAS HUNGRY, YOU GAVE ME FOOD; WHEN I WAS THIRSTY YOU GAVE ME A DRINK.”  We sent it to our awesome designer and we have this great shirt!  Help us feed the children of Africa!!!

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