Love Togo Orphans

Meet the Love Togo Orphans

Togo kids

They are sweet and precious little children.  Orphans.  12 of them.  They have no home.

Right now they are in a temporary place where they cannot stay for much longer, but a house has been found!

Inside the new house

Front of the new house

Please donate to this project to provide the first year’s rent and to ensure renovations can be made to complete the building, which will give them a proper bathroom with running water, electricity and a garden to play in.  Along with this, we would like to provide beds and other living necessities.  We want to give them “things” that we often take for granted. In addition, once these funds are raised, there are 12 additional children that we will be able to provide shelter for.  Two of the current children still need  a monthly food sponsor at $25/month.

The total funds needed is $2,600.

Any amount you can donate will be helpful, and 100% will go directly to the project.  All donations are tax deductible.  There are no administrative costs.  When making a donation, please send a check made payable to MATTHEW 10 with FEEDING THE ORPHANS on the memo line to the following address.  If you would like to donate online, click here.  If you donate with a  credit card, please send us an email specifying your donation going to TOGO.  Thank you!




LOUDON, TN  37774
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  1. I’m challenging 19 other people to step up and give $130 to this cause. Surely we can “sacrifice” this amount of money, if you will only take a glimpse at what will happen to these PEOPLE if we do not ACT.

  2. Tanya Alemu says:

    We will take that challenge! Putting in 65,000 CFA (local Togo funds). Hoping to visit these beautiful children in the next week. We will share news of our visit along with pictures.
    Tanya – (American living in Togo).

  3. May the Lord bless everyone who is in this! We will surely get there by His grace…

    Love to all!

  4. John A. Nyavor says:

    Thanks to all who have given. God surely will reward you!!!

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