Handmade Ghanaian Throw Blankets

These blankets are 40″x55″ and they are handmade by Ghanaian women to benefit the orphans.  Please comment at the bottom of the page on the throw  you prefer and then CLICK HERE to purchase from the store.  Thank you so much for supporting Feeding the Orphans.

Handmade Ghana throw 4

Handmade Ghana throw 3

Handmade Ghana throw 2

Handmade Ghana throw 1


  1. Those are really beautiful!

  2. These are so beautiful!!! Definitely going on my wish list!

  3. Mary Susan McConnell says:

    These are so pretty! I am purchasing one and would prefer throw #1. Thanks!!!

  4. Lauren Tidwell says:

    Hello! I just purchased a throw. I am having trouble deciding between number 1 or 4…so just surprise me!! Thank you so much!!

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