Orphans in the village

Months ago when Feeding the Orphans started, I wanted to drill a well.  When we were in Ghana on our first trip, my dad traveled to the village needing water.  The villagers said one of their problems was caring for the orphans.  My dad told John to tell them to bring the orphans to them.  Immediately they brought 9 orphans.  Now those 9 orphans live at CKO.  Some of them have adopting families, some have sponsors, but a few don’t have anyone.

This is Eugene and Isha on the day my dad and John traveled to the village.

This is them now that live at CKO.

Will you be their sponsor?  Will you sacrifice for these kids to have food?  Click here to find out more about them.

There are also other orphans from this same village that need a sponsor.  Email for details.

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